Truck Repair

The company "Ferikas" provides high-quality service and repair services for tractors, buses and trucks. We also repair rescue vehicles. Accumulated long experience of more than twenty years allows the work to be done quickly and reliably, so that the machine can work again as soon as possible.

Service work includes a wide list of services from the smallest correction or fixing work to body straightening and painting. Truck service services are constantly improved and optimized in order to provide better services that are valued by regular customers.

"Ferikas" has one of the largest supply of new and used parts in the Baltic States, so we offer a wide selection of parts for repair work, which does not require time for their delivery. We specialize in the supply of vehicle parts and repair services for European tractor manufacturers.

It is not always possible to foresee malfunctions or predict accidents and prepare for them. Ferikas is ready and we can help to get the tow truck out of the car accident scene and provide fast service. If you need to return a tractor, truck or other heavy vehicle to the road - get in touch.

UAB "Ferikas" performs the following in the service of truck bodies:

- Tractors, trucks, buses, semi-trailers, bodies for various purposes, spec. repair of machinery after traffic accidents.

- Measuring and leveling the geometry of frames and bodies

- Preparation and painting of tractors, trucks, buses, semi-trailers, minibuses.

- Running repairs - Chassis (suspension) repair

- Cooling system repair

- Hydraulic system installation and repair

- Fuel tanks installation,

- Replacement of mattresses, airbags, etc. i.e.

All repairs are covered under warranty

At the customer's request, we can bring a damaged or broken vehicle to UAB "Ferikas" service with our own transport.

For more information about repair work, please ask:

Tel: +370 612 47998

Tel: +370 614 58315


We communicate with all insurance companies. We prepare and coordinate repair estimates. In a specialized truck service, we repair cars after traffic accidents. For repair work, we can offer a wide selection of used auto parts from our wrecked trucks and tractors. With certified Swedish JOSAM equipment, we compare truck frames, cabins, perform geometry restoration, preparation and painting works.

Accomplished works

Straightening of the cab after a traffic accident
Restoring the cabin geometry after an event

The cab of the tractor was measured and restored after the car accident, the cab was repainted and assembled back, mounted on the frame, new glasses were glued.

Volvo FMX 6X4 repair after a car accident

Recovery of a container truck after an incident: the geometry of the frame has been restored, a new cab has been installed and painted, new finishing details, the truck is ready for operation.

Repair of a MAN TGL 8.210 special purpose truck after an incident

Aligned and rebuilt frame. The damaged rear wall of the cabin was repaired, the repaired parts were repainted. Completely dismantled and repaired special superstructure with water tank, pumps and other special rescue equipment. Damaged parts of the aluminum frame were replaced with a new profile, and other elements and equipment of the superstructure were repaired or replaced. The truck is fully assembled and ready for work. Aligned and rebuilt frame. The truck is fully assembled and ready for work. The frame has been leveled and rebuilt. The truck is fully assembled and ready for work. The frame has been leveled and rebuilt. The truck is fully assembled and ready for work. Aligned and rebuilt frame.

DAF XF 106, 2019 repair after a car accident
MAN TGX tipper, 2011.
Scania R580, 2006 body and cabin renewal

The truck was completely disassembled, the frame, fuel tank, rear axles were repainted. Fully selected cabin, repainted, newly sewn interior. The frame of the tractor was covered with protective aluminum panels, which were made according to an individual order.

Mercedes-Benz MP4, 2012 tractor frame straightening after trimming

During the repair, the frame was partially dismantled, the fuel tanks were removed, the rear axle and the engine were removed. The frame of the tractor was leveled using certified "JOSAM" equipment, repainted, the rear traverse was replaced, the geometry of the wheel axles was restored. The front bumper trim was also changed, the truck was fully ready for operation.

Mercedes-Benz, MP4, 2015 alignment of the tractor frame

Alignment of the tractor frame was performed after the car accident. Partially disassembled frame, removed tanks, rear axle. The geometry of the frame was restored, the frame was painted, the geometry of the wheel axles was adjusted.

Iveco Eurocargo, 2013 repair after a car accident

During the repair, the cab was re-selected and replaced, the dump truck frame was completely repainted, the front suspension was re-selected.